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This blog chronicles life at the Compound. It is full of ups, downs, twirls, flips and dips. Fascinations, obsessions and confessions are always the norm. Laughter is supreme ruler of these parts; you are required by law to have a smile on your face at the very least.


Fire and Ice Pizza – Georgetown, TX


Pool Mascot

This guy (and a friend of his, as well) swims in our pool more than we do.  I’m thinking that might be a sad fact…

Been Over a Year

Normally, I’d keep up with this format. It allows me time to collect my thoughts and put them into one spot to share.
The problem with this is simple: facebook.


So I’ll just do a quick recap of the past year:
Grandfather died.
DJ had a kidney stone.
We went to Europe for 3 weeks anyway.
DJ passed her stone upon arrival back at ABIA.
Kyala passed away.
Trace passed away.
We adopted Fate.
We sold/bought a new house within a month.
Liberty received a scholarship to MCAD.
Liberty graduated high school.
Here we sit.

I think that covers it.


Kyala, growing blind and full of tumors, still becomes excited at the thought of going outside.  She enjoys the warmth of the sun and even though she’s old and feeble, she’ll happily take part in a game of ‘chase the puppy’ as often as possible.

Pebbles, almost completely deaf and blind, still becomes annoyed at the thought of everything and everybody.  She makes me giggle, as she tends to be more like we humans than we’d like to think.


Sagan, the big ol’ sissy pants that he is, is just happy to be inside.  Outside is hot and makes him miserable; he continuously wishes he’d been born with a coat which was not ‘hotter than hades’ black.


Michiyo, knowing full well she’s the princess of the pack, tries to be the best friend she can to all the dogs.  She races up and down the tiles, engaging everyone in play…before heading under the sofa, where absolutely no one else can go.


Trace, being the most subservient creature on the face of the planet, just follows everyone else.  No questions, no hesitation, just has that whole, “Ok, George!” attitude.


Random Update Post to Prove I’m Still Alive and Ramblin’…

Michiyo-1, Camera-0

I know.  I’m a horrible puppy parent.  I think it’s terrific to have a furry child in Central Texas in the heat.  Well, ok, so maybe I’m not that horrible.  Danny convinced me to get her fur shaved yesterday.  She looks like a weird version of herself…

…and she suddenly dislikes indoors even more.  72° inside is ‘shivering weather’ as far as she’s concerned, and she’d rather be outside, working on her tan.  Yes, I know…more like her mother than either of us will ever admit.

I’ve been an even worse blogger.  I keep meaning to post something of an update here, and then it just all falls through and I go about doing other things to keep me entertained.  Renovations on the house are complete.  I had my third toon hit 90 on WoW.  This summer’s trips to Scotland, England, and Ireland, are all booked and ready to go.  The girls’ passports have been applied for and are being ‘processed’ (whatever the hell that means, thanks passport website).  Our new car has been amazingly fun and Danny and I “argue” less and less over who gets to drive it during the weeks (I mean, come on…he doesn’t really need to have the convertible to just sit in the parking lot while he’s inside a building at work).  Justice is in testing this week.  DJ has credit stuff to do next week.  GW has finally retired and is moving to Texas in two weeks.  The boys are moving out in two weeks.  In short, everything has been awesome.

We have been to some great shows recently, but I really need new acts to see which are not centered around the potheads of the world.  I cannot believe I went to Willie’s 80th birthday bash, followed by Jimmy Buffett (and thanks to Danny, the baby is now all into the parrothead-ness), followed by Cheech & Chong, knowing full well I’m allergic to the stuff which always gets smoked at these things.  Day three is always the hardest…trying to catch a lung of air…but I’m doing my best to keep breathing.  Go me!

Not much else to update, other than we rid ourselves of the land line.  Not needing to hear about how someone isn’t paying his bills, it just became unnecessary.  Also, Janet and Don McAlister’s phone calls started to really get on my nerves.

If I’ve not spoken with you in a while, rest assured you’ve still been on my mind.  I love you, distance stalkers.  *face lick*

Texas Weather Never Disappoints

The girls left around 0800 for school on their bikes.  The skies were a lovely shade of blue, despite being as humid as Houston.  By 0820, the skies were quickly consumed.  It is currently 0834 and the rain is pouring as the wind howls and makes funny whistling noises through the trees.

Had I grown up anywhere other than this state, I’d be looking for wicked witches on brooms…

Wicked weather ahead! Cloud Face o'Doom

Gratuitous Cuteness or Evil Plotting?

I’m not quite sure what I caught them doing, but they both look overly innocent in this shot.  I don’t know how to feel about that…  O.o

Michiyo & Trace

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